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Building relationships is the purpose of Events

No other activity allows groups of people to connect at a emotional level. Whether its our businesses or our families, Events draw the people who are important in our lives together.

Social media is ideal for creating contacts and awareness, but only Events can build the bonds for long-term business or personal relationships that last a life-time. Most marketers believe that Events are the single-most effective marketing channel for achieving business goals.

What Is Special About Events?

Live Events and Hybrid Virtual Events enable us to engage directly with everyone who is important in our lives at once.
Events and social media are the only 2 growing mediums used by organizations, families and individuals.

Event Types Explained

Understanding the diverse range of Events you can organize will help figure out which ones will make the biggest impression on your people and create a lasting positive memory. Below is a comprehensive list of what’s possible to get you started.

Conference & Summits

Conferences & Summits are generally focused on a central theme or industry with multiple speakers and held over an entire day or multiple days. They are also called conventions and symposiums. Common activities of conferences and summit include keynote speakers, industry-knowledgeable speakers, breakout sessions on narrow topics and networking. Technology companies are famous for using conferences and conventions to build relationships with product users and developers.

Event Size:

Physical attendees can be in the 100’s to the 1,000’s with online attendees many more. Hybrid physical/virtual events the norm.

Event providers often used:

Event Professionals

Caterers Dancers Event Planners & Directors Graphic Designers Hair Stylists Hosts & Moderators Marketing and PR Medical Staff Models Musicians Performers Photographers Security Guards Speakers Stage Directors Talent Agencies Travel Agents Video Specialists Virtual Event Organizers

Event Products

Decor & Staging Event Software & Tech Gifts and Promo Items Light & Sound Equipment Stationery & Printing Table, Chairs & Cutlery


Event Facilities Hotels

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