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Asia CEO Events is the One-Stop shop to find the partners and products you need to make your event a memory.  Anyone planning an event or special occasion — big or small — can use it FREE of charge.

Why Asia CEO Events?

Everyone knows it’s hard to find qualified partners and providers to make great events.  That’s why we created Asia CEO Events. So you can find the right providers at fair prices


The old ways of asking for recommendations and searching the internet is far too unreliable and time consuming. Expand your reach beyond the same providers that your friends tell you about and move your events to the next level.  


Asia CEO Events makes it easy to find the right people and product and compare prices.  Upscale your events and create memorable occasions for the people who are special in your life.


Asia CEO Events is the largest organizer of business events in the Philippines.  Join our events across the country anytime. See upcoming listings at ASIA CEO FORUM and ASIA CEO AWARDS

Rebecca Bustamante, CEO

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Event Organizers

Anyone is free to list themselves as an Event Provider. We ask providers to provide proof of their identity and check their submitted information for accuracy on a best-efforts basis. Since it is not possible to guarantee the performance of Event Providers, our system encourages testimonials, reviews and ratings after events.

When you have chosen an Event Provider or Venue, pay a reserve fee of only 5% of the total fee. This is meant to confirm your booking and will be held as a deposit for you. The remaining 95% is payable directly to the Event Provider on the day of the event or before as you have agreed with the Event Provider.

The purpose of 5% Reserve Fee is for your security. If the Event Provider cancels their booking, the full amount will be returned to you.

If you cancel your booking within 7 days, you will receive a full refund. If the cancellation is done after 7 days, there will be no refund and will partially compensate the Event Provider for their loss of business.

Ask the Event Provider for the specific reason for the cancellation. Let us know there has been a cancellation and we will refund your Reserve Fee. We will also work with you to help find another Event Supplier so your event will happen as you planned.

Ask the Event Supplier for the specific reason for the cancellation. Let us know there has been a cancellation and we will refund your Reserve Fee. We will also work with you to help find another Event Supplier so your event will happen as you planned.

In this outrageous situation, contact us immediately and we will try to help you find an replacement.

We can help. Send us a message with your contact information and what type of Event Provider you are looking for and type of event you are holding.  We will do our best to recommend people or venues for you.

Event Professionals

Just click Sign-Up and button on the website. The process only takes a few minutes. Be sure to make yourself look great by adding photos and videos.  We want you to stand-out and get business.

It is free to become an Event Provider – just register. We believe it is immoral to charge sign-up or subscription fees. We will promote your services and help get you customers. We charge a low technology platform fee of 5% off your estimated total fee. When a customer confirms a booking, they pay a 5% Reserve Fee. If you cancel your booking or don’t show up on the event day, Asia CEO Events will refund the Reserve Fee to the customer. 

Asia CEO Events promotes your event services and products to Event Customers across the Philippines and the world. As one of the nation’s largest users of event services, we are always looking for Event Providers for our own regular events.
We want to help develop the events industry by promoting the services of events providers and venues.

For your security, we are not able to see your password. But, it is easy to reset your password. Just click the link that says Forgot your Password when you try to login. If you can’t remember the email address you used to set up your account, we can help. Send us a message and let us know the name you used as an Event Provider.

You set your own payment terms that are displayed on your profile. Payment terms will also need to be agreed to by your customers. PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash seem the most common payment methods. Asia CEO Events handles the initial 5% payment for the Reserve Fee.

Add your phone number to your listing and send us a copy of your government ID. This is to protect from fake listings that sometime occur.

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We know how hard it is to find credible event professionals. That's why we created Asia CEO Events.